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Elizabeth Beer & Brian Janusiak formed Various Projects, as a multidisciplinary design collaboration in 2005. The retail arm, Project No. 8 (, currently has two locations: their Men's store at 38 Orchard Street, and the Travel/Design/Hotel shop (No. 8a) at the Ace Hotel. The men's store opened in 2009 focusing on menswear by both emerging talent and leading international designers. Project No. 8/Ace Hotel opened in the beginning of 2010 focusing on design, travel, and the re-interpretation of the Hotel Shop. The idea was to create a space that was an outlet for things they made but also to be a place to showcase works, by designers/artists, that might be outside of their main occupation; Digressions. Having retail space was a chance for the design studio, Various Projects, to experiment with some themes that reoccurred in their own work: concerns with distribution, collaboration, digression and the creation of fluctuating communities.

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